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     Healing Goddess







My name is Shana Mirambeau . I am a Multi-disciplinary healer, intuitive Tarot Reader and creative. My practice is part energy work and intuitive connection combined with other healing modalities. This council approach invites guidance through the use of Tarot/ oracle, breath work, Reiki, Astrology and herbal remedies. My intention is to  facilitate a safe space as I assist clients to acknowledge patterns , behaviors and experiences that may hinder forward progress. The goal(s) are set through discussion during sessions. My intuitive approach to council  invites clients to reclaim self and offers tools for self trust, discovering and honoring their own healinging system, and moving  progressively forward as they walk in unconditional love with self.

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"By going slowly, we move quickly through our many layers of defense and denial until we touch the living pulse of creativity within us all.

                                       -Julia Cameron

The mentorship is for those who seek one-on-one support and guidance particular to  their needs, goals and desires. 

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