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ECHO is an interdisciplinary multi-dimensional dance performance that examines issues of race, identity, and the value of a black life on a global level. Traveling through the Caribbean Islands, South America, and the United States of America, the play explores the displacement of African Diaspora bodies during the Transatlantic Slave ­Trade. The play is divided into multiple vignettes: solos, duets, and trios that explore the complexity of trauma, healing and the intersectionality of a wounded psyche.

-Writer & Creative Director


Hawaii: The Culture of Tourism

An exploration of contemporary Hawaii and how tourism culture has shifted the global lens of Hawaii from the real lived experience to staged. A culture that introduces Hawaii as a “Vacation Paradise” perpetuating a singular narrative, which weaves tradition as an aesthetic platform for performance.



Komagato Maru, 1914

Komagata Maru is an 80-minute performance of original music, contextualized by projected archival photographs, and spoken word narrative. Performance reflects upon  the 1914 Komagata Maru incident. In 1914, a ship carrying 376 passengers from India came to Canada in defiance of the Continuous Journey Regulation that was enacted specifically to prevent their immigration. The music combines the languages of Indian classical and jazz, which depicts specific events and examines them from the psychological perspective of those involved.


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