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Heart/Corazón Healing

Heart/Corazón Healing

  • Instructions: Bath Soak

    1. Fill tub with warm loving water

    2.  Add a few scoops of Herbal Sea Salt blend or Place some in the tea bag, drop blend into the tub and let the water do the rest!

    3.Relax. Release. Flow

  • Instructions:Shower Alternative

    1. Choose a bowl or large cup of your choice (shower proof)!

    2. Take a handful or a half of cup of the bath salts and place them inside the cup/bowl of your choice.

    3. Fill the cup/bowl with water up to the brim and watch as the sea salts begin to dissolve. Feel free to place your hand inside and feel the energy as you stir the salts and herbs with the magic of your fingers.

  • Caution:

    Herbs will be left in your tub after your soaking ritual or in your resuable bag. You can collect these herbs and place them into your garden for reconnection with Mother Earth!

    Shower Alternative:

    If you don't want to collect the herbs from your shower floor or if you are concerned they will frolic in your hair, I suggest you fill the resuable bag with the salts and herbs, fill your bowl/cup with water, drop the  the bag inside,  let all the floral scents and salts dissolve, and then pour it all over your body! 

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